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Annual Council Official Events (6)

The two charities I have chosen for my mayoral year are the Memory Cafe here in Torrington and the North Devon Hospice.

I chose the Memory Cafe because of the increasing number of people suffering from dementia, which is such a cruel disease and has such an impact on family and friends. The Cafe offers stimulating activities for both carers and people with dementia which can help prevent isolation, boredom and also have the opportunity of talking about issues with people who are experienced in dementia care.

The North Devon Hospice was chosen by me because like many others here in our community I’ve seen at first hand the valuable work done by them, including the care and support they have given to my family, friends and colleagues when suffering from cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

It is a sad fact that in this day and age charities are at times struggling to maintain the income needed to continue to do the great work they do. I hope that our community will continue to support the North Devon Hospice.


The chosen charities of the retiring Mayor Cllr Miss Sue Mills were the North Devon Hospice and the Great Torrington Army Cadets.  They are charities close to her heart and she has worked closely with them both during the year.  They were each presented with a cheque at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday 15th May 2018 from her funds raised at various events she has held during the year:-

North Devon Hospice -  Ali Hunt from the hospice was presented with the cheque

Great Torrington Army Cadets: Cpl Tyler Bolt was presented with the cheque on behalf of Great Torrington Army Cadets


Please see below letter of thanks received from the Great Torrington Army Cadets:-

"Dear Councillor Sue Mills,  

I am writing to thank you for selecting Great Torrington Army Cadet Force as one of your Mayor's Charities for the previous Mayoral Year. The cheque which you presented to us will be spent wisely to benefit the current and next generation of cadets in Great Torrington. This was thoroughly appreciated and I want you to know that we are grateful.  

Thanks to your kind gesture we will now be able to purchase some new radios to assist with carrying our training exercises and Cadet in the Community activities such as Mayfair and the 2020 Bonfire. This will benefit the Cadets because it will allow the Instructors to deliver a higher standard of training and enable the older Cadets to learn their new skills on radio communications, so that they can pass these it onto the younger cadets at the Detachment. 

The remaining amount of money will be used to purchase training aids to benefit the Detachment training aids so we can deliver the "Cadet experience" that we are trying to offer at Great Torrington Detachment. Both the staff and the cadets were delighted with the amount of money you've managed to raise.  

Finally I hoped you enjoyed the Mayor Making Ceremony and  your now well deserved break after doing a fantastic job over the past 12 months as Mayor of Great Torrington. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the future and I look forward to continuing to work with you in your role as the President of the Royal British Legion. Also I would like to wish Diana Davey and Keeley Allin all the best for the next 12 months in their new roles as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Great Torrington.   

Finally please can you pass this letter onto all of your Town Councillors. 

Yours sincerely 

LT. Matthew Sanders BA (Hons) Cert. Ed MTA"


Tuesday, 01 December 2015 13:19

Mayor's Cadet

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Sergeant Jimmy Birch - Mayor's Cadet

The Cadet selected to undertake the prestigious appointment of Mayor's Cadet for 2018/19 is Sergeant Jimmy Birch, he has been specially selected by the Great Torrington Army Cadet Force for outstanding achievements over the last year.

Congratulations Sergeant Jimmy Birch on your appointment as the Mayor's Cadet of Great Torrington. Enjoy the experience it is well deserved.

Retiring Mayor's Cadet 

On Tuesday 15th May 2018 we saw Corporal Daniel Lobb complete his 12 months as the Mayor's Cadet for Great Torrington 2017/2018. Corporal Lobb was presented with a certificate by the retiring Mayor Cllr Miss Sue Mills and was given thanks for his hard work and commitment over the last 12 months.

During the Annual Meeting Corporal Daniel Lobb officially handed over the role of Mayor's Cadet to his successor Sergeant Jimmy Birch:-



Sunday, 17 May 2015 11:33

Good Citizen Award

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The retiring Mayor, Miss Sue Mills has awarded her Good Citizen Award for 2018 to "The Kingsmead Park Fundraising Group", represented by Emma Weeks, Kim Gardiner, Mandy Isaac and Catherine Fry.  This team were chosen as they have worked proactively to improve the play area in Kingsmead and are working very hard for the benefit of children in the area. 


Tuesday, 07 July 2015 18:21

Mayors Civic Service

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Thank you to all who attended this Civic Service on Sunday 1st July, it was enjoyed by all. It also gave me the opportunity to chose my grandmothers favourite hymn : How Great Thou Art.

A well deserved applause was given to David Read the Organist who played the resounding Organ Recital Interlude - Toccata from the 5th Symphony: C.M. Widor.

My grateful thanks for the generosity of the congregation during the collection which raised £134.30 for my two charities, The Memory Cafe and North Devon Hospice. 

I would like to thank Rev. Peter Bevan, the Church Wardens, the Organist, Great Torrington Silver Band, Sgt. Jimmy Birch, Mayor’s Cadet and all the ladies for their help in preparing the Church for the service. 




Tuesday, 02 December 2014 14:30

Howe Plate Award

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Howe Plate Award

This years Howe Plate was awarded to Wayne Hill for services to the community through Torrington Police Amateur Boxing Club.  Wayne has been instrumental in setting up the club and continues to work very hard to make it a success, including helping at training sessions, attending committee meetings and organising fund-raising events at the club.  The work of the boxing club is extremely important in terms of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the young people of Torrington and gives them something positive to work towards and achieve.





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