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Great Torrington Annual Parish Meeting took place on Thursday 11th April 2019 in the Town Hall, Great Torrington. The Mayor gave a report for the year 18/19 and the Town Clerk a report on Finance.  There were a couple of questions raised in relation to the Cable Car project and local bus services available.  In addition, a matter in relation to CCTV was raised by a member of the public.

This will be an annual event from now on and we hope that as time goes by, we will attract more members of the public to attend this meeting.  It is a good platform for registered electors who reside within the parish of Great Torrington to ask questions and raise any matters to be considered by the Town Council. The Mayors annual report and the Financial report can be found on the GTTC website.

Karen Chapman, Town Clerk


It was great to have the scouts visit the Town Council and host their own mock Council Meeting. It was also an opportunity for them to learn about the duties of the Role Holders as Al Mitchel and Andy Griffiths talked about the roles of Town Crier, Mace Bearer and Flag raiser and Beadle, respectively.

The Mock Council meeting started with the Scouts being “summonsed” the week before, with agenda items suggested by the scouts themselves. In addition, agenda items included the election of a Mayor (Chair) and Vice Mayor (Vice Chair) as well as a Town Clerk.  Some Cllrs and scout leaders joined the youngsters around the table and gently helped to keep the meeting flowing. The scouts demonstrated their ability to raise issues, debate them and vote accordingly and “did themselves proud!”. They really were an absolute credit to the Scouts.

The Town Council is hoping to offer similar opportunities in the future for other interested youth/children’s groups.


Wednesday, 08 May 2019 21:44

Clock Tower

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The historical Clock Tower in the town centre was left in a sorry state following a couple of incidents last September! The base had been shifted and was cracked and the body of the tower damaged in various places. An additional issue was that due to the damage and shift of structure, the clock was no longer working correctly.

A local stone mason did a tremendous job of restoring the body work, having to dissemble and re-build the core structure.  However, sourcing a horologist proved more difficult.  We are very grateful to Philip Collins from Barometer world who gave up his time to take a look and advised the Council of a potential horologist to help.  It turned out it was the same horologist who dealt with the clock many years ago! The gentleman concerned pulled out all the stops to ensure it was fixed in time for May Fair and he did it! Just 2 days before!   

Wednesday, 08 May 2019 21:31

New Role Holders

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There have been two changes in voluntary roles in the past few months.  Louise Banfield and Brian Woods, Town Marshall and Macebearer respectively, stepped down during 2018/19.  The Town Council is very grateful for the services of both Louise and Brian over the years and wish them both well for the future. These roles have now been filled by Al Mitchell and Tim Cloke respectively. We are pleased to have Al extend his responsibilities and Tim on board and very much look forward to working with them in the future as we all work together for this lovely town.

Wednesday, 08 May 2019 21:12

Councillors from May 2019

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The Election for Town Councillors for Great Torrington Town Council was uncontested and therefore the following people are elected as councillors going forward for the next 4 years.  The Town Council would like to thank Cathrine Simmons and Nigel Stark for all that they have both done as they step down.  Cathrine Simmons has been a town councillor since 1991 (with one 4-year break) and district councillor for the past 6 years. Cathrine has brought a huge amount of experience to the role as well as working extremely hard for local issues, both locally and at district level.  Cllr Stark joined the Town Council in June 2015 and has also brought the benefit of his experience in a variety of different areas for the benefit of the community.  We wish both Cathrine and Nigel our very best wishes for the future.

Councillors for Great Torrington Town Council – May 2019

  • Cllr Miss Keeley Allin
  • Cllr Chris Bright
  • Cllr Mrs Margaret Brown
  • Cllr Mrs Gill Clayton
  • Cllr Mrs Laura Cooper
  • Cllr Mrs Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin
  • Cllr Harry Cox
  • Cllr Mrs Di Davey
  • Cllr Stephen Ford
  • Cllr John Insull
  • Cllr Des Maisey
  • Cllr Miss Chenie Miller
  • Cllr Miss Sue Mills
  • Cllr Jonathan Rose
  • Cllr Doug Smith
  • Cllr Mrs Siobhan Strode

Karen Chapman, Town Clerk

Situated in the heart of North Devon, in the friendly market town of Great Torrington, this A-grade 2 listed building has quickly become the social hub of the Town. The Hall is steeped in history and the recent refurbishments are a truly beautiful and unique balance of the old and new coming together in the most quintessential way. The Great Torrington Town & Community Hall has a combination of stunning and practical rooms for hire and we look forward to welcoming locals and visitors to Torrington to see what we have to offer. We can accommodate most events and come up with tailor-made package to fit your needs. Call in or ring Anne Tattersall on 0797 1696192 or Helen on 07944 639739 or log on to our website


The Great Hall

Dimensions:49ft X 23ft 4ins

Seats: 160 approx.

Features: Sound and lighting capability, separate access


The Long Room

Dimensions:27ft X 13ft 8ins

Seats: 40 approx.

Features: Adjoining Main Hall, separate access


The Oak Room

Dimensions: 26ft X 17ft 4ins

Seats: up to 60

Features: Oak panelled, access via grand staircase


Other Facilities

•Glazed lobby for separate hire

•Fully equipped kitchen

•Office space for hire

•Free WIFI access, projector for hire

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