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Devon Time - Survey Request

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We're really excited to be gathering information from those of you in the North Devon and Torridge areas to see if there's support for a Repair Cafe.

Repair Cafe's happen in communities, for communities and are sustained by communities.

They are meeting places where people can enjoy a cuppa and slice of cake whilst getting an item repaired.

Skilled volunteers, and people who are handy with repairing and mending are on hand to take a look at items and fix where they can.

The volunteer fixers can often show others how to mend and fix things - so there's an opportunity to learn and exchange skills.

People bring common household items in for repair such as household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, small items of furniture etc.

Repair Cafes enable communities to have a reuse and repair, recycle and re-purpose ethos. This helps to save money and stop as many items being sent to landfill. The other benefits of course are a sense of community, helping each other out and being part of something.

Our Survey is to establish if there is enough interest, need as well as enough offers of volunteer fixers and helpers to enable the Repair Cafe(s) to start up and sustain in the North Devon and Torridge area.

The survey will help us to identify how we can support the local communities in achieving this and also ensure evidence of need is available to prospective funding sources and collaborators.

We've been talking with TTVS (Torridge Volunteer Services), NDVS North Devon Voluntary Services - NDVS and Recycle Devon as well as Devon Libraries about how we can all work together to support this opportunity.

Please do complete our survey, share it among your contacts, groups and communities - spread the word.

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